Return unto Thy Rest


Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee. For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. I will walk before the LORD in the land of the living.” Psalm 116:7-9

Careworn, and weary, oh, i cannot sleep;

I’m tossing, and turning; still counting those sheep.

Worried ’bout tomorrow, worried ’bout today,

Still worried ’bout some things that happened yesterday.

So many hurts and tensions; concerns and duties, too-

So much that is occurring, and I don’t know what to do.

I flip open my Bible (that will help me fall asleep!);

At first I read with casual eye, and then I start to weep.

“‘Return unto thy rest, my soul,return to thy sweet rest,

for the LORD’s so bountiful to thee;you are so very blessed!’

He’s kept my soul from dreaded death; my eyes from bitter tears.

He’s not allowed my feet to fall- I’ll serve Him all my years.”

Oh, how those words did touch my heart, my soul, my mind!

How fretful, worried, troubled, I’d forgotten God is kind.

In counting up my worries, my blessings I left out.

In counting up my problems, His provision I did doubt.

The Holy One Who saved me, can take my worries too.

The Loving One Who wipes my tears can make my heart anew.

The Blessed One Who guards my steps can catch me if I fall;

The Mighty One Who conquers foes can help me when I call.

I wipe my eyes, set Bible down, and breathe a silent sigh:

Return unto your rest, my soul; Your God is ever nigh.







Psalm 116


An English rendering of the Hebrew poetry in Psalm 116.

For the KJV of the text, go to:

The Lord hath truly heard my voice;

That’s why I so love Him.

That’s why I’ll call upon my God

As long as I do live.

The fears of death compass me sore;

I dread the river-ford.

The pain of hell has hold on me-

So call I on the Lord.

‘I pray, O Lord, I beg you please:

Deliver my poor soul!’

And gracious is the Lord to me;

Yea, very merciful.

I was so low and yet He helped.

‘Return then, O my soul,

To thy sweet rest, for He’s to thee

So very bountiful.’

He’s kept my soul from dreaded death;

My eyes from bitter tears.

He’s not allowed my feet to fall-

I’ll serve Him all my years.

I was so great afflicted that

When came my darkest hour,

I gave up all my hope in man;

Then God did show His power.

I took of His salvation and

I called upon His name

His benefits are heaped on me:

Oh, how can I repay?

I’ll pay my vows before the Lord

In all the people’s sight,

And know that God will cherish me

If, happenchance, I die.

‘Oh, Lord, I am thy servant;

Have, and am, will always be.

I serve You for You are the One

Who loosed and made me free.

I offer thee a sacrifice

Of thanks, Oh blessed Lord,

And to Thee, my most humble call

Will be directed toward.’

I pay my vows this very day

Inside the temple’s court-

Before the people all I say,

‘Oh praise, oh praise the Lord!’