Mary and Martha


 A knock on the door- in response, Martha came.

The woman said, ‘Jesus is coming this way!’

Behind her comes Mary: ‘Oh, I am so glad!’

And Martha was, too…but all the friends Jesus had!

At least thirteen men she must supper and bed;

But at least then her Lord could lay down His head.

So she opened her door and received to her house

Twelve hungry men, and Jesus Himself.

She flew to the kitchen, brought out all her food;

Just barely enough! ‘Oh, Mary…’- how rude!

‘She left me alone to prepare all these things,

And there she is sitting before Jesus’ feet.’

Annoyed, she continued to serve all the men.

Flustered and cumbered, she came up to Him.

‘Mary left me alone; O Lord, don’t you care?

Bid her, therefore, help me my burden bear.’

But Jesus said, ‘Martha, so careful and troubled;

By so many things, you’ve your own labor doubled.

But one thing is needful; won’t be taken away;

And Mary has chosen that good part today.’

Now I like to think Martha set down her things;

Saying, ‘Supper can wait. I will learn at His feet.’

And I like to think that is when Jesus smiled,

And taught many things to His own trusting child;

That what Martha learned on that so busy day

Was what things for Him can be truly delayed.




Mary Kept All These Things in her Heart


The Child was born- the angel was right!-

For she was a virgin that brought forth the Christ.

Not too long after, the shepherds came by

To worship the Child Who would for them die.

But now all were gone, it now just they three:

One weary woman, one man, and the King.

The Babe lay asleep; Joseph,still in the straw,

But she lay awake, pondering all in her heart.

She gazed at the Child Who peacefully slept.

She thought of His future, and quietly wept.

She was no scholar, or student, who cried-

Only a mother who knew that He’d die. 

She’d heard from the angel the fate of her Son

She knew for her sins He would one day atone. 

She picked up the Child-He stirred in her arms-

She wished she could somehow keep from Him all harms.

She whispered a prayer, and knew she was heard;

She held close the Babe, but trusted God’s words.

She was not one to complain, rant, or whine.

She knew that her God would do all in His time.

He’d do what was best, of this she was sure.

So she laid down her head, her heart reassured.

She knew that tomorrow she’d face fears anew,

But now she would trust that the Lord’d bring her through.

God was sufficient for all of her needs,

And so ’tis for us, when we choose to believe.