A Merry Heart


Verse 1: Physician, my heart is aching;

My spirit is ready to break.

My tears fall like the rain both night and day;

Oh, can’t You give me something for the pain?

Chorus: Joy I give you; my joy I give you- better than earthly medicine.

It heals the broken spirit, soothes each aching part-

I can lift your countenance with a merry heart!

Verse 2: Physician, take my trouble away!

I could serve you so much better if You would.

But His voice, so small and still, comes to my ear:

  You need this trial, but I’ll take your      fear!

Verse 3: Physician, my heart is healing;

Just like you told me that it would.

And now when I meet those who suffer like me,

I can send them to the One that set me free.