Think Again


That five-year-old who likes to talk is oddly very quiet this week

She sits alone, and you might think, Good, I can watch the other kids.

Think again.

Her brother came home from Juvie this week; I don’t even know why he went.

He misspelled her name on a gift that he made; she’s confused, her tears are spent.

An active young boy runs away from you, climbs the stairs; he just being rebellious, a brat.

Make him sit by himself, maybe talk to his folks; you’re so tired of all of his outbursts and pranks.

Think again.

He is starved for attention, sits in daycare all day; where no one says no, being bad is OK.

He’s smart, wants attention that he only gets when he does stuff to annoys all us grown-ups.

That teen came again, wearing very short shorts; she’s loud, doesn’t know when to stop.

Oh what a flirt, you think. She’s thirteen, going on twenty-one; surely she knows better than this.

Think again.

Her mom bought her these things to wear, her step-dad now sure doesn’t care.

She wants to do right; all she gets are dirty looks; she doesn’t even know what to change.

That boy always stinks when he gets on the bus; by now, he should know how to bathe.

He never speaks, or answers a question; is he even learning anything?

Think again.

The water’s cut off this week; his parents won’t buy them soap. He tries, but still it’s never enough.

He’s working part-time to care of his sister; just trying to keep them in food.

All of these stories are really real people- and there are so many more I could tell.

This doesn’t quite rhyme, but I hope you take time to


Before you give up on someone.


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