Based on the thoughts in Psalm 55

Note: If you ever think you have it hard, read about the life of David. The Psalms are filled with his response to life’s difficulties.


Thought that I had gotten pass; thought that this was in the past;

Thought I had told you goodbye.

Thought that I’d forgotten it; no longer was I caught in it;

Thought all those tears were dry.

But today again it all came back;

Today, those memories all attacked,

And I feel the same pain as before.

Time, I thought, had healed the wound;

But now it’s opened yet anew.

And, again, my mind must war.

Forgive and forget; I know this, and yet,

Bitter feelings have come back again.

My heart sighs with fear as the memories so clear

Leave the place that they so long had been.

Oh, with wings of a dove, I would fly up above;

Like King David, to find a sweet rest.

My heart wants revenge, wants pain them to singe

That they might, like me, be oppressed!

But instead, I will call to my God above all,

Who will hear and will answer my voice.

In peace, He delivers; my path He considers.

Through Him, I can truly rejoice.

I’m casting my burden, though fearful, uncertain.

I’m trusting the Lord will sustain.

Oh, Lord, bring your peace; cause these memories to cease.

Let Your love in my heart have full reign.





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