Mary and Martha


 A knock on the door- in response, Martha came.

The woman said, ‘Jesus is coming this way!’

Behind her comes Mary: ‘Oh, I am so glad!’

And Martha was, too…but all the friends Jesus had!

At least thirteen men she must supper and bed;

But at least then her Lord could lay down His head.

So she opened her door and received to her house

Twelve hungry men, and Jesus Himself.

She flew to the kitchen, brought out all her food;

Just barely enough! ‘Oh, Mary…’- how rude!

‘She left me alone to prepare all these things,

And there she is sitting before Jesus’ feet.’

Annoyed, she continued to serve all the men.

Flustered and cumbered, she came up to Him.

‘Mary left me alone; O Lord, don’t you care?

Bid her, therefore, help me my burden bear.’

But Jesus said, ‘Martha, so careful and troubled;

By so many things, you’ve your own labor doubled.

But one thing is needful; won’t be taken away;

And Mary has chosen that good part today.’

Now I like to think Martha set down her things;

Saying, ‘Supper can wait. I will learn at His feet.’

And I like to think that is when Jesus smiled,

And taught many things to His own trusting child;

That what Martha learned on that so busy day

Was what things for Him can be truly delayed.




Cast Your Burdens


Inspired by the children’s song with the same title

Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Cast your burdens upon the Lord,

Because He cares for you.

If laden, weary, you can’t go on;

He’ll safely bring you through.

Cast your burdens upon the Lord,

And He will give you rest.

He knows the struggle, He knows the weight;

But also, what is best.

Cast your burdens upon the Lord,

There’s none to hard for Him.

He walks beside, and gives His light,

Although the road was dim.

Cast your burdens upon the Lord,

And do not take them back.

For human strength is not enough;

You’ll find how much you lack.

Cast your burdens upon the Lord,

And bid your worries cease.

If He will hear a sinner’s prayer,

He’ll hear His child’s pleas.

Cast your burdens upon the Lord;

His easy yoke take up.

Labor till the work is through,

Then at His table sup.