Peanut Butter and Tears


~Inspired by a quote from Marjorie Hinckley~


When I’m called to heav’n someday

And finally reach those pearly gates,

May God forbid I come alone

With perfect hair, and costly phone,

With fancy nails and brand new car,

And the nicest clothes they make, by far.


But, Lord, let me come in an old, worn van,

Covered in mud from the last fun plan.

May my skirt be worn from a child’s grasp,

My adornments simple and made to last.

With some peanut butter on my sleeve,

And dirt on my hands from helping weed.

With sticky kisses upon my face,

And a smile that’s always in its place;

A tear on my shoulder and a tear on my cheek

From and for all the ones who God’s love seek-

Oh, and may I see others waiting there,

Who I showed the Lord with love and care;

So that when I stand before my King,

He’ll see I lived full all the life giv’n me.



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