How to Speak Heartland-ese


I have just completed my first year at the Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, OK, and can’t wait to go back this fall! However, having endured many quizzical looks and multiple questions about what I thought to be normal words and expressions, I have decided to compile an (incomplete) list of said words and expressions for the use of parents, friends, church members; and for the entertainment of those students who have had to learn these the hard way. Enjoy!

Heartland Baptist Bible College: Terms and Definitions

Volume 1

Compiled by Elisabeth Rasbeary

Note: This article has not been endorsed by Heartland Baptist Bible College. 

  1. Art Wilson I, Art Wilson 2, Brown: n.  are’-t wil’-sun wun, are’-t wil’-sun too, brow’-n; the names of the three men’s dorms. Example: Adam lives in Art Wilson I, Ben lives in Art Wilson 2, and Caleb lives in Brown.
  2. Badge: n. bad’-je; abbreviation for ‘I.D. badge’. This object functions as both a meal card, and (for female on-campus students) a door key.                                                        Example: Don’t forget your badge; you will need it to get lunch later!
  3. Bus: n. bus; (1) free transportation provided to and from church (2) the bus ministry. [The article the is usually omitted when using meaning (2)]                                                            Example: No, I’m not driving to church tonight; I’m taking the bus.                                                                                  Example: Are you doing bus or junior church this semester?
  4. CSC: n. see’- ess-cee’; abbreviation for Campus Student Center. Located in Building D, this area is where both the mail room and lost and found are located.                                                                            Example: I’m going to the CSC to see if anyone found my jacket.
  5. CampusSIS: n. kam’-pus sis’; the website where all student grades, financial information and records are available. [The article the is almost always omitted.]                               Example: Be sure to check CampusSIS regularly to ensure that you were given the correct grades.
  6. Campus Service: n. kam’-pus sur’-vis; a mandatory amount of work required every semester. Single students are required to complete 5 hours per semester; married students, 3. If the student chooses, he or she may pay off the hours at $5 per hour. Ladies may work off their hours in the Cafeteria, Library, or Housekeeping; men may work off their hours in the Cafeteria, Security, or Groundskeeping. The hours may worked off at the student’s own pace and time.                                          Example: I have only finished three of my campus service hours.   
  7. Chapel/Church Check: n. chap’-ul/ chur’-ch che’-k; a room and dorm inspection conducted by the RAs. All students must have left their rooms and lights and appliances must be turned off by checks. Chapel checks are conducted about 10 minutes before chapel. Church checks are conducted exactly 45 minutes before services. Exceptions are made only in the event of illness. [Usually abbreviated to ‘checks’]                                           Example: I got written up because I was still getting ready during checks.
  8. Devo: n. dee’-vo; abbreviation for ‘devotion’ or ‘devotional’. A short lesson, testimony, or encouragement given in the dorms at curfew by either a student or a guest speaker every evening except Sunday and Wednesday.                                      Example: It’s my turn to do the devo tonight. 
  9. Dorm Check: n. dorm’ che’-k; a room and dorm inspection conducted by the RAs every school day at 7:15 AM and every weekend day at 8:30 AM. Room and dorm duties must be completed by this time, and all students must be out of their beds. [Usually abbreviated to ‘checks’]                                     Example: I slept through my alarm, and barely finished my duties before checks. 
  10. Faith, Grace, Hope, Mercy, Peace: n. fey-th, gra’-ce, ho’-pe, mur’-see, pee’-ce; the names of the five women’s dorms. *Note: Grace and Mercy are on the opposite side of campus from Faith, Hope, Mercy, and Peace.*                                                Example: Diana lives in Faith, Emily lives in Grace, Faith lives in Hope, Gracie lives in Mercy, and Hannah lives in Peace. 
  11. Green Slip: n. gree’-n sli’-p; the paper notifying a student that he or she has received hours. (See ‘hours’) The paper is always green, hence the name.                                                      Example: Sue received a green slip today for being late to chapel again.
  12. HA: adj. ait’-ch a’ye; abbreviation for ‘Heartland Approved’. Used to describe clothing and/or behavior in context of the Heartland Student Handbook.                                                          Example: That dress is definitely not HA.
  13. Heartland: n. hart’-lund or hart’ la’nd; abbreviation for ‘Heartland Baptist Bible College’. Formerly known as Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, the school is now located in Oklahoma City, OK.                                                         Example: I know that you will enjoy your time at Heartland.
  14. Hours: n. ow’ers; abbreviation for ‘disciplinary hours’. Instead of demerits or fines, students are assigned hours for breaking rules. A normal punishment is 1-2 hours. These hours must be worked off at the location written on the green slip before one week has expired. After one week, the hours are doubled. The hours may be payed off at the rate of $10 per hour.                                                                                                Example: I have to work off my hours in the Caf before Wednesday.
  15. MK: n. em’ kay; abbreviation for ‘missionary kid’. This term refers to a person whose parents are or were on the foreign mission field.                                                                                 Example:  She’s a MK from Brazil.
  16. MOBS:  n. maw’bz; abbreviation for ‘Methods of Bible Study’. This class, taught by Bro. Jett, is taken by most freshman students. It is notorious for The Acts Project. (ask a student for details)                                                                             Example: Have you started on your Acts Project for MOBS yet?
  17. Official: adj. uh-fish’-ul; the term for a couple that has declared publicly that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. It is considered inappropriate to refer to a dating pair as boyfriend/girlfriend or as a couple until they have announced that they are official.                                                                Example: Ann and Steve just became official!
  18. PK: n. pee’-kay; abbreviation for ‘preacher’s/pastor’s kid’. This term refers to a person who’s father was or is a pastor of a Baptist church                                                                  Example: I’m a PK, my dad pastors in Colorado.
  19. RA: n. ar’-ay; abbreviation for ‘resident advisor’. Each dorm has a certain number of advisors assigned to it. The advisors are responsible for keeping order in the dorm, conducting dorm/church/chapel checks, and answering questions in place of the dean.                                                                          Example: We should go ask our RA before we try to do that.
  20. Shuttle: n. shut’-ul; transportation provided by the school for work purposes. The cost is $60 a month; this fee will allow you to be driven to work every day between lunch and curfew. Vans leave campus every half-hour. They can also be used for special transportation such as going to the airport, etc.               Example: I need to hurry up so I don’t miss the shuttle.
  21. Sign-in/Sign-out Sheet: n. sine’-en/ sine’-owt sheet; a form located in every dorm by the door. Every person leaving campus must list where they are going, who they are going with and when they will return.When they return to campus, they must write in the time of their arrival. If the form is not filled out correctly, hours may be issued.                                       Example: Don’t forget to put Walmart on the signout sheet!
  22. Southwest: n. sowth’-west; abbreviation for Southwest Baptist Church. All students are required to join and attend here unless they are attending their home church. All single students must participate at at least two ministries of the church. The adopted student program operates out of the church, and having this church family helps students feel less homesick.                                                                          Example: I’m doing nursery at Southwest tonight.
  23. Talking: adj. tal’-king; the term used to describe a non-official couple. The parties involved may either be just friends, or be actually interested in one another. The pair may also be known as ‘a thing’.                                                 Example: “Are y’all officially a thing now?!” “No, we’re just talking.”
  24. The Caf: n. caf’; abbreviation for the Cafeteria. Also known as the F building, this facility feeds all on-campus students. Meals and hours during the school week are breakfast (6-7:30), lunch (11:45-1:30), and dinner (5:30-8).  Saturday meals and hours are brunch (10:30-2) and dinner (5:30-8). Sunday lunch is served 12:30-1:30. All employees are Heartland students or staff.                                                                                 Example: Are you going to eat at the Caf tonight?
  25. The Loop: n. loo’p; The sidewalk that connects all the major buildings on campus. Couples often walk here and talk. Where the sidewalk ends across the parking lot from the girls’ dorms is called the ‘drop off point’ because that is as far as the guys can go.                                                                                    Example: Elsie met Tom at the drop off point, then they walked the loop for a while.
  26. The Perk: n. purk’; abbreviation for The Perkspective Cafe. Located next to the cafeteria, this facility sells various food stuffs such as hot coffee, milkshakes, and light meals. It has notoriously slow service and is open most of the day for students to use the area for studying or meeting friends.                   Example: I’ll meet you at the Perk and we can get a soda and study a little.
  27. Written Up: n. writ’-in up; a warning given for violating the rules of the Handbook. A blue paper will be put in your mailbox with the nature of your infraction. RA’s are responsible for issuing warnings, and will usually give 1-2 of them before giving hours for minor offenses.                                                           Example: I got written up for not doing my dorm duties, but at least I didn’t get hours.

Psalm 116


An English rendering of the Hebrew poetry in Psalm 116.

For the KJV of the text, go to:

The Lord hath truly heard my voice;

That’s why I so love Him.

That’s why I’ll call upon my God

As long as I do live.

The fears of death compass me sore;

I dread the river-ford.

The pain of hell has hold on me-

So call I on the Lord.

‘I pray, O Lord, I beg you please:

Deliver my poor soul!’

And gracious is the Lord to me;

Yea, very merciful.

I was so low and yet He helped.

‘Return then, O my soul,

To thy sweet rest, for He’s to thee

So very bountiful.’

He’s kept my soul from dreaded death;

My eyes from bitter tears.

He’s not allowed my feet to fall-

I’ll serve Him all my years.

I was so great afflicted that

When came my darkest hour,

I gave up all my hope in man;

Then God did show His power.

I took of His salvation and

I called upon His name

His benefits are heaped on me:

Oh, how can I repay?

I’ll pay my vows before the Lord

In all the people’s sight,

And know that God will cherish me

If, happenchance, I die.

‘Oh, Lord, I am thy servant;

Have, and am, will always be.

I serve You for You are the One

Who loosed and made me free.

I offer thee a sacrifice

Of thanks, Oh blessed Lord,

And to Thee, my most humble call

Will be directed toward.’

I pay my vows this very day

Inside the temple’s court-

Before the people all I say,

‘Oh praise, oh praise the Lord!’