A Million Die


You say that you love Jesus; you say you love His work;

You say that, but His great command you quickly, easily shirk.

‘Go ye out and teach all men to know and love the Son.’

But you, believer, sit at home and think of only fun.

You say, ‘I give to missions! I sacrifice my time!’

But while you skip your prayers tonight, a million heathen die.

A million, yes, and even more, and you gave pocket change!

A million, wicked Christian! Cause: you simply won’t obey!

A million ,sinful Christian, and you do not even blush!

Have you one ounce of pity as they face His judgment just?

You say that you love Jesus, but heed not His command-

Oh, Christian, how in heav’n you’ll weep

When blood stains red your hands!