Sure Things


Certain things are in this world;

We rightly call them laws-

The sun gives light, the sea has tides,

Each action has a cause.

But to these I would like to add,

Without faith, none can please God.

For though men try, they can not ease

Or dodge His chastening rod.

Without a faith in Christ His Son,

You have no chance at all.

Works without faith are useless for

You must upon Him call.

You’d better think again, my friend,

For as the earth is round,

The Lord will call all men to give

A full and true account.

When judgment’s done and men do groan

For all their sins are seen,

There’s only one thing that will wash

Your wicked heart snow clean.

This is faith in God the Son,

And no exceptions made;

For only Christ has won the right

Your sin-debt to repay.

I tell you now, the grass is green

And two and two make four;

And if you trust in both of these,

Of what I say, be sure.