Psalm 57


based on Psalm 57

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Be merciful to me, O God;

Be merciful to me!

For, lo, my only refuge is

The shadow of Thy wings.

I cry unto Thee, God most high,

That doeth all for me;

For I know You will, sending, save me

From the hate of these.

God will send His mercy, truth,

Though I with lions lay-

And save me from the men of fire

Who would my future slay.

Let Thou, O God, exalted be

Above the heav’ns and earth.

They have prepared a net for me,

A pit unto mine hurt;

But they have fallen, they themselves,

Into that very pit.

Upon Thee, Lord, and only Thou,

My heart is double fixed.

I sing and praise with harp and voice-

Come early to Your gates.

Among all men, I lift my song

For truth and mercy great.

Be Thou exalted, Lord my God,

Above the heavens high,

And over all, may Your eternal

Glory always shine.


War Drums


the Drums beat beat beat

the Ache of cruel, cruel war.

The Drums beat beat beat

the Hurt of every corp.

the Drums beat beat beat

each Soldier marches strong;

to Fight for country, love, and life,

for Family, home and God.

the Thud of marching marching feet

to Every country comes.

the Thud of every soldier’s heart

is Stronger than the drums.

the Drums, they beat and battles rage

and Soldiers fall and die.

the Drums, they beat and more and more

into Each place will rise.

and When and If the battle’s done,

the Soldiers all come home.

and When and If the battle’s done,

the Hurt is truly known.

for in each Heart the drums still beat

in Time, in Step to hate’s demands.

that’s Why the wars will never stop.

till Christ’s return,

they Won’t and never Can.