The Outsider’s View


You say that you’re Christian-

I must take our word,

Because of your God

One thing I’ve not heard.

I looked: you’re not different

Than me and my kind;

In fact, in some things,

You fall far behind.

Sure, you go to church,

But what good does it do?

You look and you act

Like the rest of us do.

At least I am honest

About who I am-

Why do you think

I can’t see through your scam?

I know some real Christians

(Though we don’t agree)

At least by their lives,

I can tell their beliefs!

So I have decided

You’re not who you say.

If you were God’s child,

You’d follow His way.

No, you’re not a Christian

You cannot fool me.

For even I know

What a Christian should be.