Rules, Rules, Rules!


I’m sure at one time or another- whether in your childhood, teenage years, or even as an adult- you have gotten tired of rules. It seems everywhere we go, there are rules of one sort or another. At home, work, school, and church, we struggle to keep up with all the do’s and don’ts- and sometimes even wonder if it’s worth the bother. Before you give up, though, here’s a plan to keep you sane as you wade through what sometimes seem to illogical or stupid RULES.

1. Make sure you have the right attitude.

If you start with the attitude that this rule doesn’t make sense and I don’t have to obey it, you are not going to end up making the right decision. You need to keep an open mind, realizing that there may be a reason that you just haven’t seen yet. If you keep your cool, you will earn the respect of those around you, and if you ever do need to change a rule, you will have their support.

2. Examine the spirit of the rule.

Every rule began for a reason. Rules don’t just spring into existence randomly. Often, it’s not really the rule itself that is being enforced, it’s the reason behind it. Here’s a list of the most common reasons for rules.

a. To protect your safety.

(ex. Don’t run with knives. Do look both ways before crossing the road.)

b. To protect your morality.

(ex. Don’t steal.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.)

c. To protect your purity.

(ex. Don’t wear immodest clothing. Do maintain proper relationships with the opposite sex.)

d. To protect your reputation.

(ex. Don’t go to places where bad things are known to happen-ie. bars, nightclubs, etc. Do be careful what you put on the internet.)

3. Take the proper action.

If you still can’t find the reason for a particular rule, talk to someone in authority. Many times, they will have a reason that maybe you didn’t think of. If not, go through the proper channels to change the rule. Simply rebelling against the rule won’t get anything done. You have to go through the steps to fix it. A lot of times, though, there is a reason and we should obey the rule -even if we don’t totally agree with it.

4. Make sure you have the right attitude.

Whether or not you decide to obey or change the rule in question, be happy about it! Nobody wants to be around someone who is constantly complaining and belly-aching about everything. I put this in here twice because I believe that it is the most important part of dealing with rules. Keep a joyful and submissive spirit, and the rules will take care of themselves.

God bless!


Psalm 141


based on Psalms 141- to read the KJV version of the text, go to:

Oh,  Lord, I do cry unto Thee-

Please make Thou due haste unto me.

Give ear to my voice when I cry,

Accepting my small sacrifice.

Please set a strong watch on my mouth

And all wicked words quickly rout.

Keep me from even inclining

My heart to the evil’s divinings.

May only the righteous condemn,

It shall be a kindness from them.

An excellent oil their words

And even reproofs do not hurt.

I keep them continually in prayer,

And stay by their side in their cares.

The wicked would scatter our bones,

But mine eyes are upon Thee, O Lord.

In Thee, Thee alone, is my trust;

O leave not my soul to the dust!

Please keep me away from their snares,

And may I be always aware

Of the tricks that they hope will me get.

May they fall themselves in their net!

While I, by Thy hand, quick escape;

To leave them alone to their fate.

Mary Kept All These Things in her Heart


The Child was born- the angel was right!-

For she was a virgin that brought forth the Christ.

Not too long after, the shepherds came by

To worship the Child Who would for them die.

But now all were gone, it now just they three:

One weary woman, one man, and the King.

The Babe lay asleep; Joseph,still in the straw,

But she lay awake, pondering all in her heart.

She gazed at the Child Who peacefully slept.

She thought of His future, and quietly wept.

She was no scholar, or student, who cried-

Only a mother who knew that He’d die. 

She’d heard from the angel the fate of her Son

She knew for her sins He would one day atone. 

She picked up the Child-He stirred in her arms-

She wished she could somehow keep from Him all harms.

She whispered a prayer, and knew she was heard;

She held close the Babe, but trusted God’s words.

She was not one to complain, rant, or whine.

She knew that her God would do all in His time.

He’d do what was best, of this she was sure.

So she laid down her head, her heart reassured.

She knew that tomorrow she’d face fears anew,

But now she would trust that the Lord’d bring her through.

God was sufficient for all of her needs,

And so ’tis for us, when we choose to believe.


I Go Mine


A companion to “You Go Your Way”

You go your way and I go mine,

But I refuse to fret or pine.

I’ll take the bad and take the good,

And live my life the way I should.

I gave to you part of my heart 

Which you take with you as we part;

But I still have much love to give-

So hap’ly, joyfully, I will live

A life that’s purposeful and strong-

A life that’s filled with mirth and song.

So just ’cause you’re no longer here

And just because you’ve caused some tears,

It does not mean that my life is done-

In fact, I think it’s just begun.