My family is different, peculiar, unique;

For we all together God’s will gladly seek.

We don’t all exactly resemble outside,

But we sure look the same if you’re looking inside.

We share the same love, the same joy, the same hope;

Without one another, in darkness we’d grope.

We all band together for what we believe,

And for others’ troubles, our own we will leave.

As for joining my family, it’s not very hard-

Just trust in the Savior to keep you from harm.

And then, just like that, you are born yet again,

But now to God’s family; now we’re next of kin.

You are my family, and I love you dear;

Wherever I go, I’ll know you are near.

God put you inside of my heart and I find

That nothing on earth can destroy what God binds.