A Lady of Quality


What is a lady? What makes a woman (or girl) a person worthy of respect? The term ‘lady’ was originally a title, bestowed only on the wealthy and influential. But as titles became more and more obscure, the term ‘lady’ came to mean something much, much more. The modern dictionary defines a lady as a woman of refinement and gentle manner. Today, if you call a woman a lady, you are giving her the distinction of being kind, generous, pure, and modest. Every Christian woman and girl should seek to be a real lady, for every Christian man should be seeking for a real lady. Here are a few attributes that a lady will have.

1. A Lady Is Clean.

A true lady is clean, both in body and soul. A lady is not known for a filthy mouth, or a filthy mind. A lady does not involve herself in things that will dirty her mind and soul, nor does she engage in activities that might mar her reputation. She takes care of herself physically, for this brings further honor to her. A woman that does not take care of herself is not respected by others, for this shows her poor character.

2. A Lady Is Honest.

A true lady is honest to herself, and to everyone around her. She does not steal or cheat on the job; she always does her best. She does not fool herself into thinking that she is something she is not; she is honest to herself about her feelings and emotions. She is not a liar, and will readily admit her faults. She is trustworthy, because she puts the truth above her own feelings and desires. A lady has the testimony of being an honest person, because she knows this will bring honor to herself, and to her God.

3. A Lady Is Mannerly.

A true lady is the epitome of manners and politeness. She knows how to conduct herself in a way that is pleasing to God and man. She never engages in unladylike behavior, and thus anything she does is ladylike. She does not even hang around people that are known for their misbehavior. She is never known to be rude or crude, for this goes against the very grain of her being. A lady is always polite to everyone, no matter they’re age or station in life, for she wishes the same treatment from others.

4. A Lady Is Kind.

A true lady is kind, generous, and considerate to all people at all times. She does not give her kindness because of the merits of the receiver, but because of the love in her heart. She is always kind, because she wants others to be kind to her. She is always generous , because someday she may need someone to be generous to her. She is always considerate in her actions and words, because she knows how much it hurts when others aren’t considerate towards her. A lady is known for a quiet, gentle spirit—never for a mean and biting one.

5. A Lady Is Modest.

A true lady is modest in her clothing and in her actions. She is not a vain person, for she knows that true beauty is in the heart. She does not wear revealing or provocative clothing, because she does not wish to be the cause of lustful thoughts. She does not seek attention-though she may deserve it- for she knows that man’s applause is only temporary. She seeks to leave her legacy in the minds and hearts of those she loves, not in a hall of fame somewhere, for she knows that the ultimate reward for labor is the love of others. A lady is humble, for she knows that she can do nothing without Christ.

6. A Lady Is A Lady.

A true lady is a lady, no matter what. She does not change her behavior merely because of who she’s around at the moment. She is a lady by commitment, not by chance, for ladies are not born; they’re made. You will always know a lady; there are no ladies in disguise. You will know her by her kindness-by her modesty-by her manners-by her love. If you know a lady, cherish her. They are far and between between.


I’ve a Dream



 I’ve a dream that may sound strange

To other dreamers ’round.

It’s not of wealth, of fame, of gold,

Of riches, or renown.

It’s not ’bout having everything,

Or even coming close;

It’s not ’bout being best at things,

Or having cause to boast.

My dream is quite a simple one,

Or so it seems to me…

I dream of love, of home, of spouse,

The noise of little feet.

I dream of joy I can’t explain;

Of  trust I can’t deny;

I dream of peace God only gives;

Of love that will not die.

I dream of having friends around;

Of being a perfect host;

I dream of making memories with

The ones I love the most.

As I said, my dream is not

A very fancy one-

But maybe I’ll look back someday,

And see it’s all been done.